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Sillers Institute is a community needs based technical vocational training school. Our focus is to deliver comprehensive programs that address skill gaps, economic barriers, justice system involvement, and mental and physical health concerns. 

Partnerships with local government and business owners is where beneficial change occurs; and this is why Sillers Institute continually reaches out to form lasting relationships that complement our mission and vision to deliver quality services that positively impact communities.

Our mission at Sillers Institute is to make available and accessible quality education that leads to in-demand jobs. This mission encompasses striving to ensure graduates have the tools, support, and resources they need to achieve employment. As educators, we acknowledge that learning is accomplished only when instruction is administered with respect to the learner’s manner of understanding. Therefore, it is our ongoing mission to administer curriculum apposite for the retention and application of core concepts to each student.

Our objective at Sillers Institute is to assess the needs of each student to strategically formulate a success plan for helping them achieve learning, employment, and life-work balance. Our aim is to ensure that each client receives a quality education, equal opportunity, and duty of care thus increasing potential for achieving their goals.

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